The MS Builders Process

Here are the basic steps to a job done right, on time and on budget.

MS Builders uses a well defined building process no matter what type of job we are doing for you. The steps below are perhaps an over simplification but with a dedicated and well orchestrated team and lots of experience your project will not seem as daunting as you might think.


Step 1: Initial Consultation

An initial meeting will be arranged to discuss your project in detail.

Step 2: Planning and Preliminary Design

Your vision and budget is taken from idea to paper as initial concept drawings are produced. We may also have the opportunity to work with previously designed plans that can become a workable starting point, thus streamlining the process. Your MS team will ask for your thoughts and carefully listen to your comments as we craft a design that incorporates all of the important elements you are looking for in your project. We use Value Based Engineering meaning we place more emphasis (and budget) on areas that are most important to you. We know that a project designed around your priorities is a project you will love.

During this stage, we can also incorporate energy saving and other building performance elements and suggestions into the project and design as part of our sensible green approach. Essentially this means we will help you determine what aspects of green building will provide you the highest returns in terms of energy and comfort, fulfill your green objectives and fit your budget.

Step 3: Refine Design & Budget

Next, we will present you with more refined floor plans. As a team, we will review and discuss the plans and determine which options will help you satisfy your goals and needs. Once you feel comfortable with your decisions, we’ll refine the budget based on the options and selections you have made to date.

During this phase, our expertise with your county’s building regulations and codes proves very valuable. We not only know what they are, but know how to design cost-effective solutions that meet these standards, establish your final budget and prepare the building agreement for final approval.

Step 4: Select Materials, Finalize Blueprints and Finalize Budget

Here, we finalize working drawings that will be used by the construction staff as we build or improve your space. We’ll ask you to join us as we provide guidance regarding decisions on specific products, materials and finishes that fit your tastes and budget. Once you’ve made these selections, we’ll be able to establish your final budget.

At this point we prepare a construction agreement for your review. Upon approval, we’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 5: Project Logistics and Schedule

We expertly handle the entire permitting process, ensuring that everything is in order. We then arrange for and schedule all materials, labor and equipment before construction starts thus eliminating the likelihood of delays.

Step 6: Completion and Final Clean-Up

We are committed to keeping your new home and job site clean and organized on a daily basis. There will be a thorough final clean-up inside and outside. Together, we will conduct a walk thru to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Step 7: Friendly Follow Up

Now that your project is completed, it’s time to bid you farewell, but certainly not good-bye. We always check in with our clients to find out how they are enjoying their new or remodeled space and address any warranty issues that may arise.

For more information about how MS Builders can help you with a project, contact us today.